Frequently Asked Questions

About Omc Group

OMC GROUP BY AIO SYNERGRY HOLDING BERHAD, AIO is a technology company with a stable technology background for 6 years, currently entering the 7th year, mastering the current advanced technology, was awarded by the Asian government “The most potential” technology company, the company has hundreds of technical programmers.

OMC Group is founded by AIO SYNERGY HOLDING BERHAD, while AIO had a 6 years experiences in innovation technologies background. The company has more than 100 science and technology programmers. AIO was awarded with the most potential science and technology company by the Malaysia government.

9th March of 2020

OMC Group’s research and development of the blockchain is not only to encrypt digital currencies, but also to solve the problem of social data trust. After the data is chained, the data cannot be tampered with, which can supplement the public data audits and information verification of various industries.  In terms of being used in the global smart payment system, it can achieve cross-border payment and use blockchain technology to bring smarter and more secure storage of transaction data to the society today. Since 2014, the OMC Group has also implemented third-party payment application scenarios in fiat currencies like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and mostly Southeast Asia country.

About Omc Technology

  • OMChain is created to improve the financial exemption along the country while making every transaction data to be transparency enough.
  • OMChain can also assist companies to verify the authenticity of their company data
  • OMC focus to build the collaborative formation and profit sharing of OMChain
  • OMC will be used as a circulation and settlement tools of the company’s ecosystem

80 Millions

  • 40% – Mining Pool to be distributed to all OMC POS mining machine
  • 40%- Technology research & development or maintaining community funds
  • 20% – Community marketing funds

AIO’s research & development team

OMC is the only digital asset that can be loaded onto OMChain.

The technology of the public chain is simply explained as: the individual has the right to record the uploaded data, the confirmed data that has been uploaded then cannot be tampered with. All the data or wallet addresses can be consulted in the public blockchain explorer to achieve through anonymous centralized and transparent principles

Independent Intellectual Property, APOC Technology (Authorized Proof of Capacity)

* Applied for patents

AIO has a high-quality and practical research team, which focus on the research and development of the new generation APOC technology and essentially creates a landing scenario. Proof of Capacity (POC) or Proof of Space (pospace) are two consensus algorithms derived similar to Burstcoin, which are similar to PoW. However, unlike POW requires high computation, POC enables storage to perform quantum proof. POC mining is more energy-saving, and this concept is more suitable for mobile devices with low CPU and memory to enter mining

Considering the security, decentralization and performance of the blockchain, OMC has built a new authorized storage capacity certification mechanism (APOC) to limit the participation of users in the blockchain. The purpose of this mechanism is to solve the following problems:


  • Limit unauthorized mining, prevent 51% attack
  • Improve performance
  • Better capability for group management



  • Energy saving by using a well-stored hash without having to recalculate the hash every time
  • The self-developed underlying protocol is not a copy of the underlying protocol of the NXT architecture of the PoC that’s in the market
  • Uses UTXO ledger data types

SHA256 encrypts hash function, which makes it more difficult to crack and improves the security

OMC enables SHA3-256 to create mining hash values providing random parameter values to the SHA3-256 hash function to form unique hash values. The reason of making SHA3 is that hash value is difficult to calculate, and it is difficult to copy due to OMC mining machine is designed by ASIC mechanism. In addition, because only pre calculation is needed for the hash in the process of piece drawing, the slow hash of SHA3 that is not suitable for real-time mining will become an advantage. Before the random value is hashed, it first prepares the seed data, then only executes the hash of SHA3-256, and then saves it to the storage space. The data are from. OMC POS serial number, device ID, account ID, wallet address and random value of 8 bytes. The hash value will be stored in scoop and the hash tag comment

Mining fee can be as low from  0.00000001 OMC/KB

OMC network is based on P2P (peer-to-peer) network architecture, which continuously connects multiple nodes in the same network to achieve data synchronization. P2P network means that every computer in the same network is the same, has the same permissions and is authorized to communicate with each other in the flat topology. In addition to peer-to-peer protocol, OMC network also contains additional customized protocol, which can provide routing services, improve the connection efficiency of P2P network, and quickly help new nodes connect to other nodes in the network

No. OMC core tech is fully designed and develop by AIO R&D’s team in Malaysia

Yes, visit OMC’s Explorer: www.explorer.omc-group.co

The total number of OMCs is 80 million, which is expected to take 17 years to calculate and complete all the blocks. Halving will occur every 174days after completing 250,000 blocks

(Second stage equation)

  • Every minute = One block
  • Each block = Reward 100 OMCs (calculated based on current stage)
  • Daily = 1440 blocks
  • Total daily reward = 144,000 OMCs
  • Approximately 174 days halving occur = 250,000 blocks = 25,000,000 OMC (second stage calculation)

Remarks: The reward will be halved after completing 250,000 blocks at each stage

  • One block = 5MB
  • 5 Bytes min per transaction
  • 5MB can store approximately 3.5 million transactions
  • Convert MB to Byte

* 5MB × 1024 = 5120 KB × 1024 = 5,242,880 Byte

5,242,880 Byte ÷ 1.5 Byte = approximately 3.5 million ++


Yes! When 8.6 million blocks are completed, it means that 80 million OMC has been rewarded, but the miner can still get rewards from the transaction fee (OMC)

At present moment, OMC has been listed on LOEXCHANE. The first step is to build our foundation fans at the same time, creating more traffic understand about OMC’s technology and the future value, eventually move into a higher traffic trading exchange market

OMC’s Product Application & Value

OMC belongs to free trading, and the mining income is owned by the miner itself. It is a consensus group seeking to create value and respond to it. It is extremely important to avoid selling in volume, maintain the market value stability of OMC and the steady increase of commercial value.

The value of OMC needs to be reflected in two aspects: the increase of consensus community, and the landing of commercial response

  • Consensus community

OMC POS has its unique no-national boundary attribute, which is promoted around the world to create more consensus community and aims to increase the volume of OMC node without boundaries


  • Application scene

The more ecosystem and commerce we implement, the bigger community we will have thus will ensure the value of OMC in every aspect

The purpose of the community development is to further screen consensus group by promoting the mining machine’s mechanism to create more recognition and support towards the development of the ecosystem. When the community grows strong it will lead to the continuous increase of data chain thus stabilising company’s value and operations

OMC wallet takes the lead by choosing Visa / Master as the channel to realize the connection between various industries and the operation of existing platforms so that OMC can directly get connected in various industries

We have already linked with Visa / Master. The OMC you’ve obtained be used directly using the debit card launched by OMC group as a payment channel in the business fields of various industries

At present moment, OMC Card is at the risk control audit stage by Bank Negara and is expected to be utilise within 2 months

Value Add-ed 

Most of the time POS terminal is only utilised for collecting payment, now we are providing additional value to the POS terminal (credit card machine) which functions as a mining machine by generating additional income for you by mining when it’s not in used


Linked Data

We link all the transaction data into the chain. We all know that once the block chain is linked, the data cannot be changed, making the data completely authentic and cannot be tampered with. Take for example, you could say that your restaurant’s monthly revenue is one million without any substantial proof, but if you would like to finance, or sell your restaurant one day, the credibility of your restaurant will be stronger once you’ve provided the data on the chain

  • Able to store OMC
  • Accepts eight mainstream digital currencies (BTC,ETH,USDT etcs)
  • Able to monitor the status OMC POS’s mining
  • Provide real-time prices for various digital currencies
  • Provide latest news & update on blockchain’s industry
  • Management of digital currency exchange

Funds are protected with multiple signatures and keys and non-retrievable private keys prohibiting the replication of the wallet