The World’s First Multifunctional POS Terminal

Integrated Blockchain Technology

Introducing our flagship product

  • Energy Saving

    Mining machine that is built-in a POS terminal which is quick charging, long use time up to 3 days, the processor ensures its outstanding stability even after the longtime operation

  • Handy and space-friendly

    Lightweight, easy to carry for various sizes of hands with a sleek design that doesn’t take up much living space

  • Multitasking features

    Ready-to-work POS terminal, support all kinds of payment and ability to own digital assets (OMC).

  • Private & Secure

    Transactions & activities are encrypted using the advancement of blockchain technology

Seamless Payment Experience with
OMC POS Terminal

  • Accept all kinds of payments

    Support all kinds of traditional & digital transaction- Unionpay, Visa, Mastercard; E-wallet- Omnipay, Alipay, WeChat, Boost, TnGO, Grabpay and multiple digital currency

  • Own instant digital assets

    We provide it without the need to buy initial stock of crypto and you can receive [OMC] right from the start upon connection to
    a network

  • Built-in digital exchanged

    Trading of currency to get fiat at the up-to-date rate

  • Indoor & Outdoor usage

    Feel free to choose network operator and use relevant services without installing any SIM card, and stay connected with
    4G connection

  • Real-time synchronization

    A cloud-based management system stored under blockchain accounting integration with a full overview on your transactions, funds, reports anytime from any device

  • Contactless Payment

    Ease of payment by simply tapping a card or mobile on the contactless reader

POS specification (APoC)

Unprecedented Mining Technology

“Innovative Consensus Algorithms”

The ultimate core of this blockchain architecture that drives European & American currency

1ST Generation

Blockchain Technology


2ND Generation

Blockchain Technology


3RD Generation

Blockchain Technology