What is Omni Pets?

Omni Pets is a pet simulation blockchain game developed by OMChain 2.0, integrating with the innovation of ERC-721 open standard based on the Ethereum protocol that allows for the creation of non-fungible unique tokens. Each of the pet is one of its kind and uniquely designed. Omni Pets will slowly grow its value through transfer, adoption, and auction! 

  • Purchase & Hatch limited edition Omni Pets

  • Each Omni Pet is a rare piece of collectibles with real value

  • Created based on the elements of fire, thunder, water & earth

  • Transfer or Adopt Omni Pets with our community to earn rewards

Start Your First Digital Collectibles with Omni Pets

You can hatch, transfer, and adopt pets all in different colours, shapes, and even our exclusive limited edition Omni Pets.  

Start to explore the infinite fun of digital collectibles through Omni Pets now!

Here's How to Play Omni Pets!

Here are four important steps of how to be a good pet owner

Omni Eggs: Firstly, purchase Omni Eggs! It’s the most crucial steps to start your journey. Only 200 Omni Eggs will be released randomly each week. 

Food: Show your love by feeding your pet! You can purchase selected foods to boost the value of your pet.

Omni Pets: Grab an Omni Egg and wait for it to hatch in 30 minutes and get a surprise of your unique pet. 

Transfer or Adopt: The higher the value of the pet, the higher the transfer value, the more rewards you can earn!

Why Omni Pets?

We believe blockchain technology could enable a trusted form of ownership of digital assets, allow digital transformation to our daily lives.  

We want to educate the application of OMChain 2.0 Smart Contact and ERC 721 standard, which can protect intellectual property, allow trading and ownership of digital asset. Each Omni Pets is represented by a unique token in the blockchain. Blockchain data are immutable and have a high level of trust. Omni Pets is an example of allowing people to collect and trade unique digital assets.  With this standard, we can also tokenise valuable assets, arts, property, etc.

Make sure to stay tuned our social media for the release of Omni Eggs each week!

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